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8-Year-Old Delivers Baby Brother

An Oklahoma third-grader is being called a hero after he calmly helped his mom deliver his baby brother in the middle of the night, ABC reports.

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When mom Kimberly Tennyson’s water broke at 2am, she knew her baby was coming very soon, and braced herself for an unexpected home delivery. With his great-aunt on the phone, her 8-year-old son Demarray Love gathered towels, and calmly stood by his mom’s side. Fifteen minutes later, Tennyson welcomed Dre-Saun Austin, weighing in at 7 pounds, 4 ounces.

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“He did everything. He didn’t panic,” Tennyson told reporters about her Demarray. After the delivery, he even woke up his two younger brothers and got them dressed and ready to go to the hospital. Kudos to Demarray for being such an awesome big bro! Check out the (super-shy) third-grader’s interview with ABC: