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Barbie Gets Tattoos, Parents Not Thrilled

Meet Tokidoki Barbie—she’s got a pink bob, funky clothes, a neck full of tattoos, and a whole lot of haters.

The doll, a collaboration between Mattel and designer Simone Legno, has some parents worried that the doll’s prominent tiger and flower neck tattoos set a bad example for kids.

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“If I give it to [my daughter] she will think [tattoos are] okay. She may want to go get some,” Virginia resident Bill Smith told ABC 13 News.

Mattel issued a statement to address mounting complaints from parents, insisting that the doll was designed for adult doll collectors, not children. The punk princess doll sells for $50, and is only available on the Barbie Collector website. (But you’ll have to wait until November because she’s sold out!)

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I had a hard time not rolling my eyes at this controversy. First, $50 is a lot for a special-edition doll your child will probably play with for a month (or not at all if you keep it in the box like you’re supposed to.) And second, tattoos or not, when was Barbie ever a good role model? Her contributions womanhood to date: skimpy outfits, unrealistic body proportions, and let’s not forget when she told little girls “Math class is tough!” I think getting some ink is probably the least offensive thing Barbie has done lately.

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Complete view of Tokidoki Barbie:


Do you think Tokidoki Barbie sets a bad example? Would you buy her for your child?