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Catching Up with the Sirivongs: the Adorable Food Art Couple

Shirley Sirivong

Earlier this month, we shared the heartwarming story of a husband who created elaborate food art for his pregnant wife on bed rest.

Shirley Sirivong has been on bed rest for most of her pregnancy due to several complications, including gestational diabetes, which strictly limits her diet. Using eggs, peanut butter, toast, some veggies, and a lot of creativity, husband Gat put together scenes of cute egg characters on different adventures.

We checked in with Shirley to see how she, Gat, and the baby are all doing. Shirley, now 27 weeks pregnant, is still in the hospital. Doctors say her baby boy seems to be doing well in utero, but that he and Shirley still need to be closely monitored.

As for Gat, Shirley says he “continues to be wonderfully supportive in every way.” The couple even celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary at the hospital.

Shirley says she and Gat are glad so many readers were touched by their story, and take comfort in “knowing that we have some people cheering us on.” Let’s continue to send happy thoughts their way!

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