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Celebrate Veterans Day

Photo by Flickr user jcolman, CC Licensed

Today we salute the courageous men and women who've served our nation. Here's how to celebrate Veterans Day with your family:

Wave the flag.

Attend a local parade. The cars, soldiers, and booming drums will put everyone in a patriotic mood.

Get crafty.

Create a Veterans Day wreath. Help your child trace his hands on red, white, and blue construction paper, so he ends up with a few of each color. Cut out and paste or tape the alternating colors in a circle to form the wreath.

Learn some history.

For younger kids, try reading The Veterans Day Visitor, by Peter Catalanotto and Pamela Schembri, about a grandfather's visit to a second-grade class. Tweens might enjoy Remembrance: A Tribute to America's Veterans, by Robert B. Fletcher; it's filled with water-colors and pencil drawings that depict scenes of our country's conflicts, from the Revolutionary War to today's Afghanistan.

-By Jennifer Kelly Geddes, from the November issue of Parenting