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Colorado Kids Store Sells Crotchless Thong Underwear

If you thought padded girls’ bikini tops and tween pole dancing classes were bad, then well, prepare to have your mind completely blown.

Colorado children’s store Kids N Teen sells cute stuffed animal backpacks, pretty princess dresses, and until recently, crotchless thong underwear. (Please excuse me while I go scream “WHYYYY?” from mountaintops.)

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 Mom Erin French spotted the offending undergarments while shopping with her two children and filmed them with her cell phone. (Video below) “My first initial response was, 'Am I really seeing that?'" French told NBC 9News. "There is one purpose for an item of that nature, and that is not something that we want to encourage for our young girls."

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The storeowner, who refused to reveal her full name to reporters, said that the panties were removed from the store after mall management complained. She defended the store by saying that although it caters to children, 25 percent of its merchandise is geared toward teens. (Oh, crotchless thongs for teens. That’s so much better.)

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What totally inappropriate kids’ items have you seen in stores?