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Colored Bubbles and More Toys Moms Secretly Hate

Who doesn’t love bubbles? This year Crayola put a new spin on the classic kid activity with Colored Bubbles, a unique soap solution that turns bubble blowing into Technicolor outdoor fun. Fun for whoever isn’t cleaning up the mess, that is. When the bright bubbles pop or the solution drips, they leave a mark on clothing, skin, sidewalks, or wherever else they land. Crayola insists that marks are temporary and will wash out of most clothing and outdoor surfaces (the commercial warns “may need repeat washings”). But many disgruntled parents say the rainbow bubbles are tough to clean and really not worth the mess – one Amazon reviewer even called them “bubbles of the devil.” Ha!
This got me thinking, what are some other toys parents hate? After a very informal poll among coworkers and friends, here are some toys parents wish they never bought:
Fisher-Price Corn Popper Push Toy – I challenge you to listen to loud, popping noises for an extended period of time and not lose your mind.
Play-Doh – It’s a timeless and beloved toy, but a nightmare to get out of carpet.
Barbie Accessories – Those tiny shoes, handbags, and sunglasses totally match her outfit, but they’ll go missing within a week.
LEGO sets to build a specific thing – Lose a couple blocks and your kiddo can forget about finishing that pirate ship.
What toys would you be happy to see disappear from your kid’s stash?