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Dad Gets Restraining Order Against Son’s Bully


How far would you go to protect your child from bullies? One Southern California dad filed for a temporary restraining order against his son’s 4th grade classmate who allegedly threatened his son.

Robert Casteel’s son, 10-year-old Christopher, was “terrified to go to school” after his classmate pulled out a knife during class, threatening that he would “get you after school,” the father told ABC News. Christopher alerted his teachers about the incident, and Robert called the cops, who confiscated a 2½-inch pocketknife from the boy. The student’s punishment? Just 5 days suspension.

Unimpressed with the school’s response, Casteel filed for a restraining order that requires the classmate to stay at least 20 feet away from his three children.

"I don't feel like I am overreacting," Casteel said. "I feel like it could have been a different situation. What if the kid would have actually stabbed my son?"

Do you think this dad did the right thing? Have your kids ever been bullied?