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Dad Makes Awesome Angry Birds Birthday Cake

Mike Cooper,

There are few things I enjoy more than playing Angry Birds, a highly-addictive mobile game that involves hurling grumpy winged creatures at green pigs. I also enjoy cake. One superdad from the United Kingdom managed to combine these two awesome guilty pleasures in the form of an elaborate, interactive Angry Birds cake for his son’s 6th birthday.

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Mike Cooper, a managing director at tech blog ElectricPig, used chocolate cake, caramel wafers, and some hardware to bring the virtual game to life—it even has a working catapult to launch iced birdies through the air! According to Mike, the cake “took 10 hours to make and 2 minutes to destroy.” Now that’s dedication!
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If you’re feeling ambitious, you can create an Angry Birds cake of your own with these step-by-step directions. For everyone else, enjoy the video below: