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Dateline’s Hidden Cameras Capture Kid Bullying


We have all heard about the current bullying crisis; the heartbreaking headlines of kids who took their own lives after being tormenting by their peers. Have you ever read these stories and stopped to think: what would my child do if he saw someone being bullied? Would he stand up for the victim? Would he join in the taunting? Or do nothing at all?

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A new provocative Dateline NBC special will turn its hidden cameras on children to observe how they react in different staged bullying situations. In one scenario, an unsuspecting teen browses through racks of clothes as a bully viciously teases another girl about her weight (both the bully and victim are kid actors.)

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NBC's Kate Snow watches on with the parents as their child is put to the test, and let’s just say…it’s pretty surprising to see how kids react to bullies when they think no one’s watching.

My Kid Would Never... airs Sunday, March 6, at 7pm/6c on Dateline NBC. Check out a preview below:

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What do you think your child would do?