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Mom Accused of Selling Baby to Pay for Disney World Trip


Delaware police arrested new mom Bridget Wismer after she allegedly sold her baby for $15,000 to take her two sons to Disneyworld, NBC reports. Wismer denies the charges, claiming that the deal was a misunderstanding—the alleged buyer, John Gavaghan of Philadelphia, has been her friend for years.

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"He’s always tried to adopt and I couldn’t raise another child,” she told NBC. “He was going to provide this beautiful home for this baby. I couldn’t provide the baby with that.” Wismer’s grandmother—and later, another tipster—told police about the new mom’s deal. Both Wismer and Gavaghan were arrested and the newborn has been placed in foster care.

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Even if she didn’t intend on using the money to go to Disney World, legal adoption procedures exist for a reason; agencies conduct interviews, background checks, home visits, and other investigations to ensure that children are placed in a safe, happy home. It’s a lesson this mom has had to learn the hard way.

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Do you think Wismer was really trying to sell her baby? Or was it all a misunderstanding?