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Mom Exposes Indoor Playground Dangers


Fast-food chains may have cleaned up their acts when it comes to offering healthier meal options, but their indoor playgrounds need some serious work too.

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Child psychologist and mom of four Erin Carr-Jordan is on a mission to expose just how dangerous and unhealthy fast-food play areas can be. After visiting dozens of indoor playgrounds in 11 states, she gave the samples she collected to a lab for microbial testing. What did she find?

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“Dirt and grime and rotting food and hair in clumps and swear words all over the place,” she told The Early Show.  In many locations, the equipment was in need of repair, including “second-story windows that are busted out” and “slides that have large gashes in them.” The microbial results revealed pathogens that cause meningitis, food-borne illness, skin, hair, eye infections, and more.

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McDonald’s issued a statement saying that they are “taking these concerns very seriously” and will review their cleaning procedures. Carr-Jordan is continuing on her play place campaign and has created a Facebook page called Kids Play Safe to raise awareness.

Do your kids play in fast-food playgrounds? Will these findings keep you away?