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Office Bumpwatch: Heidi Corn

Valerie Fischel

Name: Heidi Corn     

Job: Marketing Manager

Due date: 10/5

How long it took: Getting pregnant definitely took a bit longer than I thought it would.  In the beginning it was fun, but then it became very stressful and unsettling not knowing why I wasn’t pregnant yet.  As women we spend half of lives trying not to get pregnant, and when we decide to flip the switch to mommy mood – it is not always that simple.  I highly recommend reading as much as possible and trying to listen to your body (without driving yourself nuts of course).

How you told: Given that my last name is Corn, it was only appropriate to use my last name to its full advantage!  I set the dinner table and placed a can of baby corn in the center of the table.  Although I took the test early in the morning, I waited until my husband came home to tell him the news.   When he walked in I immediately told him to look at the dinner table to see how nice I set the table, and to check out what we were having for dinner.  I informed him baby corn was on the menu and he looked at me like I was nuts.  He said “why would we be having baby corn for dinner?”  I said “well because we are having a baby corn” – needless to say he was in complete shock and only asked me 5 times if I was serious.

Is this your first? Yes

Do you know what you're having? No; we plan on being surprised since it is our first one.

Is pregnancy harder or easier than you thought? Definitely a lot harder than I thought would be.  The first 3 months are just plain tough since you can’t tell anyone you’re pregnant and you are just not feeling yourself.

What I love: There are a lot of things I love about being pregnant that it is hard to choose just one.  I love how the book What to Expect When Your Expecting gives you a weekly comparison of the size of the baby to a piece of fruit.  This week I think the baby is the size a large peach.

Not so much: Waking up every night to use the lady’s room.  This started the second I got pregnant and has continued ever since.  From what everyone tells me, I should just get used to this since I will never sleep a full night ever again! 

Just plain weird: Once I eat lunch or dinner my stomach grows exponentially.  Since I am just starting to show it is just plain weird how I can look normal one second, and then once I eat I really look pregnant. 

Don't go there: There are just too many things that happen to your body while pregnant that I just literally can’t go there. 

Can't live without: Lots of snacks!  I find I am extremely hungry around 11am and 3pm therefore my desk is filled with lots of snacks to munch on.  I highly recommend oranges, apples, pretzels and nuts.