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Teen Star Gets Botox to Prep for Glee

Photo by ezekielhouse, CC licensed

We’re all too familiar with Hollywood’s obsession with youth -- we’re used to seeing brows lifted, lips plumped, and lines smoothed out as aging actresses attempt to delay the inevitable. But all of those frozen faces couldn’t prepare me for this:

Eighteen-year-old singer Charice Pempengco recently revealed that she underwent Botox and a skin-tightening Thermage procedure for her upcoming role on Glee. Why?? "To look fresh on camera," she told reporters at a press event, according to the Associated Press. Charice received treatment in her native country of the Philippines to alter the shape of her “naturally round face,” People magazine reports.

Not surprisingly, Charice’s shocking beauty regime is making headlines, though her rep has come to her defense, saying the singer actually had Botox to relieve muscle pain in her jaw. No word on the excuse for the skin-tightening procedure.

Actress or not, no teen should feel pressured to undergo unnecessary cosmetic procedures to “look fresh.” (At 18, how could you possibly look fresher?!) For an actress set to appear on a TV series that embraces teens from all walks of life for their uniqueness (curvy figures, handicaps, sexual orientation), she sure is sending the wrong message to young audiences.

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