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Dangerous School Bus Driving Caught on Tape

Courtesy of ABC News

Think your kid is safe when he's on the school bus? Traffic cameras installed near schools around the country have been busting school bus drivers barreling through red lights at dangerous speeds.

According to Leon Langley, Director of Pupil Transportation Services in Maryland, school bus safety records prove that buses are safer than Mom or Dad's car. Statistics reveal that, although passengers are not required to wear seat belts, only 5 students die yearly on school buses. Still, within three years of cameras being installed around Baltimore schools, privately owned school bus companies racked up a whopping 800 tickets for running red lights or speeding, while publicly owned buses received more than 50, says The Baltimore Sun.

While the Baltimore school districts monitor the tickets issued to their own drivers, it did not require private bus companies to report tickets. Now Baltimore school officials have pledged to track tickets received by privately owned school bus drivers too. 

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Robert l. Edwards, President of Maryland's School Bus Contractors Association, told The Sun that he was "dismayed" by the findings. But speeding school buses are not unique to Baltimore. Traffic cameras in Ohio, Kentucky, and Florida among others, have uncovered the same scary truth. 

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