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Teaching Kids to Give Back During the Holidays

As parents we all agree that the holidays are a time for giving; and our kids agree that it's a time for receiving. But in this season of overconsumption, Courtney DeFeo has found a way to turn the tables. 
Last year, the mother of two came up with a plan to get her girls thinking more like Santa. The happiness that giving back brought her two and five year old lasted longer than anything they'd ever unwrapped, and it inspired DeFeo's Light 'Em Up program.
Through Light 'Em Up, families can create a unique holiday giving plan to fit any budget. On her site, DeFeo incorporated everything from conversation starters to help parents talk to their kids about giving, to a list of 100 giving ideas. Little givers can print out coloring pages, customize them, and deliver them to neighbors, or buy items with the help of their parents. And throughout the whole process, they can share their experiences, and draw inspiration from other families stories on the Lil Light O' Mine Blog
One mom shared her story of buying coffee for the person behind her at a Starbucks drive-through, and it kept going for 20 cars. What makes this even more special: A portion of all of Light 'Em Up proceeds goes to feeding orphans. 
According to DeFeo, no child is too young to learn the true meaning of the holidays. "Most importantly, it engages the hearts of kids as little as two. They get it and hearts are touched all over communities - from garbage collectors to the person behind you at Starbucks."
How do you teach your kids about giving back during the holiday season? Share in the comments!