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Are Two Kids Twice as Much as One?

Funnyman and Saturday Night Live alum Dana Carvey knows that raising two boys is no joke. And sometimes it seems like having a pair of "energy absorbers" calls for double the parents too.

"Two kids is more than two. You have to think about it algebraically," he told "If you have one and he's napping, you're fine. But when one's napping and the other one needs constant stimulation, that's rough."

When it comes to dealing with discipline, "there's so much genetics involved," he said. "Each kid could use a different dad at different times. One kid is OK with a laid-back dad, another one needs a stronger hand. It's an art, not a science."

Does having two kids feel like twice as much effort as much as one – or more? What about when you have kid #3 – or more?