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Ask Denene: Favoring One Parent Over the Other

Q: My 9-year-old pushes me away and gives her love to her dad. How do I get back in the “in” crowd?

Like us, kids have lots of room in their heart for loving more than one person. What they don’t have is the adult ability to express their affection in subtle ways. So they play favorites. Now, if your house is like mine, you may have tumbled into that old stereotype – the one in which moms are still drill sergeants and dads laugh and play and authorize chocolate cake for breakfast because it has milk and eggs. So try to be a little more fun, too: When you husband’s taking your daughter to play soccer, perhaps you can be the goalie. Know, though, that you can’t always horn in – your child and her dad deserve their one-on-one time.

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Excerpted from the June 2009 issue of Parenting School Years.