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Baby in a Bucket?

Did anyone else catch the segment on The Today Show this morning with the Tummy Tub? Apparently, these bathtubs are hugely popular in Europe and one mom, Janis McKellar, has brought them to the U.S. The Tummy Tub looks like a clear plastic bucket that is supposed to mimic the womb by cradling the baby in a fetal position. The baby is covered with water up to his shoulders, which helps keep them warm. It's also being spin as eco-friendly since you use less water to fill it up and the water stays warmer longer since there's less surface area. You may be asking yourself: What's the difference between this $45 tub and a cheap plastic bucket I could get at the hardware store? The Tummy Tub is non-toxic, has an anti-skid bottom and a low center of gravity to prevent tipping over. But it goes without saying, that no matter what type of bathtub you use, never leave your baby unattended. McKellar said it can hold children up to three years old, or 35 lbs.

What do you think? Would you want to bathe your baby in the Tummy Tub?