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Being the Voice of Wolverine



Like most dads, Steve Blum is a superhero. But Blum isn't just Grill Master or Piggy Back Pro, he's the voice of Wolverine on the popular Nick Toon special, Wolverine And The X-Men, which recently debuted it's first DVD release, Wolverine and the X-Men: Heroes Return Trilogy. We already loved Wolverine for his claws and totally rockin' outfit, but we liked him even more after talking to Blum, the voice behind the superhero.


Do you have two different voices: superhero voice and regular Steve Blum voice?
Steve Blum:Heh heh! -- Hopefully I still have my own voice in there somewhere! I do a lot of different voices, so sometimes I'm not sure what the "real" one is anymore. Kind of like having a circus in my head and needing to let the clowns out once in a while so they don't tear down the tent. Wolverine is definitely deeper and angrier than my normal manner of communication. I'm actually a nice guy. No, really!

Do you ever use the superhero voice on kids to freak them out?
SB:Not so much -- the only kids I can freak out with my voice are the young ones -- and that's just cruel. Out of context, most people just think I'm a dork if I do crazy voices in public. At conventions -- they love it -- the weirder and scarier, the better.

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