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Bical Grippers: Cutest Baby Shoe/Sock/Slipper Ever!

I know, you always hear that you don't need to buy shoes for a really young baby, at least in the summer. But I love these, because they're not really shoes...and they're not really socks. They're kind of like (adorable!) slippers, that you can put on your kiddo to run errands, to parties, anywhere. They're called Bical Grippers, and they're basically a sock attached to a lightweight sole, perfect for teetering tots who need a little bit of traction to stand up and walk. There are a ton of styles to chose from, from Mary Jane straps and fun appliques to argyle, rosebuds, dragons, you name it. All bright and trendy and different. They're sold at for $24.99, but if you enter the code BICAL20, you'll score 20% off.