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Big Freakin' Surprise: Cocoa Krispies Aren't Supervitamins

Wouldn't it be awesome if the sugar-coated cereals our kids beg us to serve boosted their immune systems and helped them fight off sickness? (And did the laundry and dishes?) That's what Kelloggs was claiming on their cereal boxes (minus the laundry and dishes part), by slapping a huge banner on their Cocoa Krispie box that read "NOW HELPS SUPPORT YOUR CHILD'S IMMUNITY." The FDA supported the claim because vitamins A, C and E technically can boost your immune system, but health experts were (duh) skeptical and several lawsuits were filed.

Now, Kellogg's has scrapped the whole claim. So though the erroroneous boxes will still be on shelves for a few months while supply runs out, there won't be any more printed. (Maybe you should buy a box -- it might be a collector's item someday. Hello, e-bay!)