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Biggest Loser's Alison Sweeney Loves Her New-Mom Body


Alison Sweeney has been in the spotlight as Samantha "Sami" Gene Brady on Days Of Our Lives, and now she's extra busy hosting the seventh season of The Biggest Loser. As a new mom, (her second child, Megan, was born in January, after Sweeney pretended to go into labor on Ellen) Sweeney knows a thing a two about balancing a hectic schedule (two jobs!) and loving her new-mom body.

How did you become part of The Biggest Loser?
They approached me, and I was thrilled. I loved being part of something so positive and encouraging to people. The show teaches people the tools, it's not just about entertainment.

But it is entertaining. It's so emotional.
I t's a very emotional journey for most of the contestants, some more than others. It's always such an accomplishment for them. For some people the show literally saves their lives, and deals with deeply rooted issues. It is never easy -- these people work out for six to eight hours a day. They wouldn't stay if they didn’t want this badly.

What are the major roadblocks for most of the contestants on their path toward losing weight?
Every story is different, but it's completely different for moms. They always put everyone else first. Their health can slip through the cracks. Going to the gym seems selfish and too hard. They need to shift their priorities.

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