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BlogHer 2009 Highlights

Just got back from the BlogHer 2009 conference in Chicago and I'm still processing everything I saw and learned. (For those who don't know, BlogHer is a major organization that unites women bloggers online and off.) Yes, the many speakers at the conference were informative and impressive, but even better was the ability to really connect, face to face. Everyone's smiling, friendly, and encouraging. Everyone "gets it".

Here's an extremely abbreviated list of people/sites I encountered:

Fussy, A terrific writer who also does the enchanting, "your internet source for plastic action figures demonstrating ashtanga yoga." She emceed the keynote address.

HerBadMother She reduced 1,000+ women to tears at the keynote with this post. I mean sobs, people.

ShutterSisters Wonderful women who take amazing photos. Check out their Picture Hope project.

MyBrownBaby From the great Denene Millner, one of Parenting's contributing editors, a mommy blog filtered through the lens of the African American experience.

Amalah Such a fun, real writer. She brought her delicious baby, Ezra, along for the ride.

AskPatty Car care and purchase advice by/for women. CEO Jody DeVere was fascinating.

TheMotherTongue She loves sci-fi, Brussels sprouts, arguing politics, and talking too much.

Cutiebootycakes, A sassy mom who makes and sells diaper cakes. I just love the blog name.

Of course, the blogging universe is huge, and that list is pathetically short compared to volume of business cards I collected from writers. I love finding great blogs, though, so I'm going to plough through 'em all. Chime in, please! Who's your favorite blogger? (Beside Dooce – we all know and love her already.)