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Boy Pulls Gun on Woman for Jokingly Threatening to Take His Halloween Candy


Trick or treat, indeed. It's now being reported that a 10-year-old boy in Aiken, South Carolina pulled a 9mm handgun on his neighbor on Halloween when she said she was going to take his candy, saying, "No, you're not!"

That joke, apparently, is not funny to a trick-or-treater who is deadly serious about collecting Snickers bars.

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According to Public Safety Lt. David Turno, the boy had a loaded clip in his possession, although there wasn't one in the gun at the time—fortunately. The boy's brother told authorities he also had a gun.

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Police brought the boy with the weapon back to the station and called his parents.  I wonder what his parents did when he got home (I know what my parents would have done.) I'm assuming this kid doesn't take punishments too well.

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On a related note, I read about a dad in California who had a nightmare encounter with teenager trick-or-treaters. I hate to sound like my Great-Aunt Wanda (may she rest in peace), but what is this world coming to? Hope you all had a much happier Halloween!