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Boys Vs. Girls

I’m so excited to be having a boy. I’m also a teeny bit petrified. What if I get a wild man, prone to leaping off the kitchen table and beating on his older sister?

Turns out some of the tired cliches I’m falling back on above are founded -- and yet not. A new piece in Working Mother sheds new light on stereotypes about girls and boys. Studies bear out that boys and girls think and behave differently almost from birth (uh oh: one study contends that infant boys aren’t as good at self-soothing), but then there’s a huge individuality wild card. The best thing parents can do is try to pay attention to their kid’s unique talents – whether it’s a nail polish-loving boy or a hockey fan girl – and go from there.

We’d like to know: how have you seen gender stereotypes play out among your kids?

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