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Breast Might Be Best?

When I was a newbie at my first mommy group, I felt the need to explain -- with cheeks burning -- that the bottle I was pulling out for my baby was full of pumped breastmilk, not formula. I am always a little shocked when new moms openly admit they’re not breastfeeding or when pregnant women say they don’t plan to. How do they have the fortitude to withstand all those “breast is best” messages?

When writer Hanna Rosin of The Atlantic mentioned she was considering weaning after only a month, she became a playgroup pariah. With help from a doctor friend, she dove into nursing research to see how much better the breast really was. Her conclusion? Not much, at least not as much as books, brochures and magazines like this one would have you believe (although, for the record, this mag highlights both the ups and downs of nursing -- see below). And for Rosin, she’s not sure the marginal benefits outweigh the late nights, the marriage imbalance and the restraints on career. Read more about what she found here.

What do you think? Does she have a point? Did you feel pressure to breastfeed?

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