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Breastfeeding an almost 8-year-old girl

We absolutely support breastfeeding here at, but no mom on our staff breastfed for as long as Veronika Robinson did. According to this video, a clip from Richard and Judy on Channel Four in the U.K., Robinson was still breastfeeding her daughter Elizah when she was nearly 8 years old.

Robinson's older daughter, Bethany, was breastfed until she was five. When asked what she remembered about it, she said that she remembered breast milk being "better than anything in the world. Better than a mango, even." (See 1:45.)

Robinson is the founder, editor and co-publisher of a U.K. magazine called The Mother. On The Mother's site, she defines "full term breastfeeding" as a situation in which the child is allowed to self-wean whenever she feels she is ready to, regardless of age. Robinson says, "The human body biologically expects to breastfeed for up to about seven years of age ~ the universal age for losing the milk teeth."

How long did you breastfeed? How did you know when you and your child were ready to stop?

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