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Mom Suing School for Not Going Peanut-Free


How far should a school go to accomodate a student with severe allergies? 

One Detroit mom is suing her public school district because, she charges, they have not gone far enough. Kathy Williams says her son Nick, 10, could die if he is exposed to peanuts, so she asked that her entire school to go peanut and tree-nut free. When the school declined, she filed suit against Livonia Public Schools. 

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“We had asked them to go peanut and tree nut-free, and their response to us was, due to the upset in the community and the backlash from other parents, we refuse to change practices,” Williams told a local CBS affiliate

”He’s been bullied; he’s been picked on; he’s been beaten up … had his medicine stolen,” Williams added. She alleges that Nick must eat his lunch in "an office with cinder block walls," which she says is alienating and unfair. 

Williams also alleges that other area school districts have made certain buildings peanut-free if a student has a deadly form of the allergy.

Williams said she’s been on the receiving end of harsh criticism from other parents. “‘Why should we have to do this for one child'?" she says she has been asked. "‘Why don’t you keep him at home? He doesn’t deserve to be here."

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Livonia declined to comment to CBS in a statement saying that because of pending litigation they were not at liberty to comment, but are doing all they can to accommodate the student.

What's your take? Does the school have an obligation to go nut-free? Or is it the responsibility of the child and his parents to be vigilant? Let us know.