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Iowa Girl's High Lead Levels Traced to Lip Gloss


Brooklyn Schneiderman is a typical 6 year old girl. She's a happy little girl. But just a few months ago, Brooklyn had a health scare when a routine screening showed her lead levels at nearly double the acceptable amount.

At first, her parents couldn't figure out what was causing it.

"They reminded us to look at what her favorite toy was, or what she played with the most," said Brooklyn's mother, Jennifer Schneiderman. "So that was easy then. It was lip gloss. She'd sit in front of her mirror for long periods of time and apply lip gloss."

Plus: CDC: Half a Million Kids Have High Lead Levels in their Blood

A quick inspection of the ingredients on the sparkly pink gloss her daughter prefered, she saw warning labels telling parents to keep the lip gloss out of reach of children – even though, she said, the cosmetics are clearly targeted at children.

After taking the lip gloss from Brooklyn, her blood lead levels returned to normal. But her mom is determined to get the word out there.  

"We don't want any other little princesses hurt by their lip gloss," she said.