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Awesome Dad Wears Dresses, Just Like His Son

Courtesy Emma

The good people at the Daily What point us to this heartwarming story of a father in a small southern German town who didn't quite know what to do when his 5-year-old son refused to go out wearing anything other than a dress. Ultimately Nils Pickert settled on wearing one himself in solidarity. 

The original article is in German, and Google Translate does a botched job of rendering it in English, but the results are still fairly touching:

Yes, I am one of those fathers who are trying their children, to educate equally. I’m not one of those academics Papis, the drivel in the study of gender justice and then as soon as a child is born, but fall back into the soft and cuddly stereotype gender roles: He realized professionally, she takes care of the rest.

Plus: When Kids Defy Gender Roles 

People in their town of 5,000 wonder if his efforts are sensible or silly. 

Pickert's retort: “Neither."

Bonus: long skirts with elastic bands fit him quite well. 

What do you think of Pickert's approach? Is his wearing a dress thoughtful or counterproductive? Let us know in the comments.