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Would You Buy Your Child This GPS-Enabled Watch?

Guardian Lion

We've all endured that moment of blind panic: you look up at the playground or supermarket and your child is nowhere to be seen. 

The terror, as intense as it is agonizing, only begins to subside when you've found her, and even then the adrenaline continues to course.

But would you buy a $250 GPS-enabled watch for your child, just for that added peace of mind? The  Leo wristwatch from Guardian Lion Wireless is a new a phone, tamper-resistant GPS locator, and 911 panic button that is being marketed as a tracking device to find your wayward child or older relative with dementia.

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This isn't the first GPS device for tracking your child. But the Leo is targeted at children aged 6 to 12, as well as outdoors adventurers, and people with autism spectrum disorder or Alzheimer's. It is slated to hit the marketplace in April. 

"Leo is like having an entire OnStar system on your wrist," inventor Jason Sullivan, recently told CNET. "We have toured several 911 call centers with their directors, which was met with very positive response."

Sullivan is not just an inventor, but a potential customer: he came up with the watch to help protect his little sister. 

What do you think of the Leo wristwatch? Would you put a GPS device on your child for that added piece of mind? Let us know.