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Most Women Don't Know When They're Most Fertile


Ladies, how well do you know your bodies? Maybe not as well as you think.

Women are often confused about when they're most likely to conceive naturally, according to a new Australian survey of women seeking help at fertility clinics. 

Just 13 percent of women surveyed by researchers at Monash University in Melbourne could correctly answer which days of their cycle they were fertile – this despite the fact that 68 percent said they believed they had accurately timed sex in their attempts to conceive naturally, and 87 percent said they tried to improve fertility knowledge.

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In short, the study of 204 women seeking fertility treatment found that a majority of them had insufficient knowledge of when to time sex to optimize natural conception in the first place. 

Scientists define infertility as the inability to conceive after a year of unprotected sex. A woman is most fertile during the time just before and including ovulation, typically 14 days before the start of a period.