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Pregnant Woman Fired for Needing to Pee


A woman  is suing her former employer for unlawful termination after it fired her for taking too many bathroom breaks while she was pregnant. 

April Roller filed a wrongful termination suit against National Processing of America, a call center in Kansas City, for firing her over the bathroom breaks and also allegedly giving her a personal trashcan to keep under her desk so she could vomit there rather than take more trips to the ladies' room. 

The suit claims that Roller's manager told her that the company did not "pay [her] to pee." Her former boss also allegedly bristled when Roller claimed bathroom breaks helped her to cope with the nausea and dizziness brought on by pregnancy, according to We the Party

Her manager told her it was not "fair to other employees" for her to take excessive bathroom breaks, according to the suit.

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Nausea is, of course, a common symptom of pregnancy and can occasionally be quite extreme, as we have seen recently with the news of Kate Middleton's hyperemisis gravidarum. 

The frequent need to urinate is another common symptom, though, brought on by both the increase in blood and fluids in a pregnant woman’s body and the weight of the fetus on her bladder.

Roller is suing the company for violations of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, Title VII and the Family Medical Leave Act.

What do you make of her shocking claims about her termination? Let us know if you've been similarly discriminated against while pregnant.