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Puppies Save Boy With Down Syndrome

NBC News

A 10-year-old boy with Down syndrome, lost in the Alabama woods for 18 hours, might be able to credit his survival to a pack of puppies. 

Kyle Camp was playing in his yard when he wandered off on Tuesday afternoon, probably in pursuit of the pups. When his parents were unable to find him by 7:30 pm, they alerted police. 

Word quickly spread through the tight-knit community, and multiple search parties were launched. Jamie Swinney, owner of local restaurant, found the boy wet, shivering and shoeless in a creek after a long night. Kyle was discovered with his bare feet submerged in a creek at 8:30 in the morning, with four puppies piled on top of him.

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The Camp family dog, who had herself been apparently searching for her missing puppies, led volunteers straight to him. 

"I heard the dogs barking," Swinney told a local NBC affiliate. "I hollered for him and he hollered back. He was in the creek." 

"I imagine the little puppies kept him warm at one point," Swinney added.

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