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Reunited and it Feels So Good


Fans of the Knuffle Bunny trilogy will recall how Trixie is miraculously reunited with her stuffed bunny in the final installment, long given up for lost on an international flight. Today Trixie has a real-life corollary in a young Omaha boy named Liam.  

On his first birthday, Liam received a stuffed blue monkey that he named Ah-ah. The monkey quickly became a member of the family. For years, Liam and Ah-ah were inseparable. But then, just before Liam started kindergarten, tragedy struck. Three years ago on a family camping trip to Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, Liam lost his blue stuffed monkey. They looked everywhere, but Ah-ah was gone for good.

"My son was devastated," Liam's father writes in a video posted to YouTube last week. 

Fast forward to last week, when Liam's mother was online looking to buy a viola for his sister. Something told her to search eBay for "blue monkey," which turned up a small stuffed animal that looked a lot like Ah-ah for sale by someone in Florida. 

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Liam's parents bought it and when it arrived, they could hardly believe their eyes: it was Ah-ah, bearing all the telltale nicks and scars the little boy's monkey had acquired over the years.  The YouTube video shows Liam being reunited with Ah-ah after three years of having assumed the worst. 

We challenge you to watch it without getting choked up. 

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