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Switched At Birth: Newborn Baby Breastfed By Wrong Mom


A Minneapolis hospital is apologizing for a maternity ward mixup that horrified two moms who had just given birth.

Tammy Van Dykes' baby boy Cody was mistakenly taken to the wrong mother and breastfed by that mom, officials have said. 

Abbott Northwestern Hospital acknowledged the error when Van Dykes realized the baby's ID bracelet didnt match hers. 

Cody had to undergo immediate blood testing for HIV and hepatitis after feeding from the wrong mother.

"It was horrible," Van Dyke told ABC News. "Two nurses had to go in through veins in his tiny little arms."

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Cody checked out fine, but will still have to undergo a year of surveillance and medical tests for HIV and hepiatitis.

"How could this happen? What do you mean he went to someone else's room," Van Dykes wondered. "What do you mean someone else breastfed my son?"

Van Dyke says was able to speak with the other mother, who was equally distraught at having to wait 20 minutes until her own baby, Liam, was located.

Although Cody's tests came back negative, Abbott Northwestern Hospital told Van Dyke her newborn son would have to undergo blood testing every three months for a year.

Hospital spokeswoman Gloria O'Connell said the tests were "just a precaution," but declined to elaborate because of patient confidentiality.

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