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'Toddler Fight Club' Uncovered at Delaware Day Care


Hands Of Our Future Daycare in Dover, Delaware, ought to consider changing its name to Fists Of Our Future Daycare – if it ever reopens, that is. The facility has been shut down after three of its employees were arrested when a video surfaced of them encouraging toddlers to fight each other.

Employees Tiana Harris, 19, Estefania Myres, 21, and Lisa Parker, 47, were arrested and charged with assault, endangering the welfare of a child, reckless endangerment and conspiracy. The video itself is not being shown to parents or the public, as it is being held as evidence.

According to the Dover Police Capt. Tim Stump, detectives made the arrest after finding a cell phone video featuring teachers conducting a sort of "Toddler Fight Club," telling children as young as 3: “no pinching, only punching.” Caretakers reportedly even made one of the kids continue fighting after he started crying and said he wanted to stop.

A Dover police officer found the incriminating video on Harris's cell phone last weekend while investigating an unrelated criminal compliant, Stump told the Dover Post.

Hands of Our Future Daycare subsequently had its city business license suspended by the Dover Department of Planning and Inspection pending a hearing.