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Viral Video: Kid Snippets and Written By A Kid


Proving once again that the simplest ideas are often the most brilliant, the folks at BoredShortsTV struck comedy gold by literally acting out skits that their kids have improvised. To start, they give their children a scenario – say a naughty kid's visit to the principal's office – and record audio of their kids improvising a scene on the spot. Then the grownups act out that scene with the kids' dialogue superimposed over their actions.

The end result, Kid Snippets, is equal parts Drunk History and Kids Say the Darnedest Things: adults expertly lip synching the insane story-lines of wee babes. Whether its a door-to-door penguin salesman hocking his wares or a basketball coach attempting to teach a beginners' class, the humor is as endearing as it is guileless.

But BoredShortsTV isn't the only game in town. We also like Written By A Kid , where a child tells a story that adults then enact. Check out Goth Boy, about a wary toddler's new black-clad stepdad.

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