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Britney Spears Is No Mother Of The Year, But Give Her a Break!

For her last Candie's campaign, Britney Spears released the unretouched photos alongside the digitally enhanced ones of her strutting her stuff in heels and a cutout pink swimsuit. As you can see, Britney looks pretty darn good, especially for a woman who’s had two babies, in her before shot. However, the after shot shows a trimmed down version of Spears, with no back tattoo and clearer skin.

I'm not about to throw a hissy fit over some air-brushing -- we all expect it these days. But please, Candie's, next time you want to continue to promote unrealistic standards of female beauty, keep in mind who is absorbing your ads -- our daughters. And remember the power and responsibility you hold when you market clothing and shoes to them.

Britney is definitely not Mother of the Year, but she’s come back from a pretty bad place, and regained a hot bod in the process. We think it’s very cool she’s willing to reveal her real body, while lifting the veil on the process of making celebs look unattainably perfect. What do you think: Would anybody have cared if Candie's would have printed the orginal, uneditied photo?

You can see animated before and after shots here.