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Choosing the sex of your baby is so 2006. This is 2009, and in 6 months, choosing the hair and eye color of your baby will also be a possibility (for those who can afford it.) Dr. Jeff Steinberg of Fertility Institutes of Manhattan and L.A. claims he has uncovered the technology to do it, by implanting embryos created in his lab that have a greater chance of a particular physical trait.

Maybe it's because it’s so new, but this seems creepy to me (also, it doesn’t always work). What's even creepier is what lies ahead -- how people will use it, and what might come next.

Says Steinberg: "Genetic health is the wave of the future. It's already happening and it's not going to go away. It's going to expand. So if they've got major problems with it, they need to sit down and really examine their own consciences because there's nothing that's going to stop it."

So... since we can't stop it, we should just deal with it? Yes, the science is there. But do we have to use it?