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C’mon, Get Happeez!

The only things I never run short on at my house are to-do’s, from picking up the dry cleaning to dropping a kid off at soccer or dance. If, like me, your life is a crazy carousel of errands and appointments (and really, what mom’s life isn’t?), you’re going to love this Happeez whiteboard from Mayfair Lane.

Oh, I know, you’ve seen dry-erase boards before — so have I. But usually, behind every great board is a not-so-great backing: they generally either have magnets (which won’t work on stainless-steel fridges and non-metal surfaces) or they’ve got an adhesive that leaves gummy goo behind once the board is removed. I don’t know what kind of magic Flubber is used on the Happeez board, but it sticks just about anywhere, and comes off without a trace. I’ve been using mine to write down our family’s schedule each day for our babysitter...and who knows, if my kids slack off on their chores, I may make them a list and stick it right on their bathroom mirror, hee hee! ($18, available at and retailers nationwide and in Canada)

Happeez whiteboard