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4-Year-Old Girl Joins Mensa


This four-year-old likes to play with Barbies and LEGO, but she’s not your average kid.  In fact, Heidi Hankins is way above average with an IQ score of 159. Not too shabby.

The little girl’s score ranks just below fellow geniuses Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking who shared a score of 160. Average adults typically score 100 and individuals who are considered gifted score 130. Heidi, who has yet to enter grade school, has been accepted as a member of Mensa, the non-profit organization open to people who score at the 98th percentile or higher on a standardized, supervised IQ, or other approved intelligence tests. 

Plus: How to Raise Gifted Children

The staff at the nursery where Heidi attended had trouble finding activities that would challenge her, reported London's Mid-Day. The four-year-old, who started reading books for seven-year-olds at age two, already knew how to add, subtract, draw figures, and write in sentences. Her rare intelligence level lead to her taking an IQ test specifically designed for children of her age.    

Heidi’s father, Matthew, insists that he has never pushed his daughter; that she has taught herself. “She was using full sentences almost as soon as she started to speak and then taught herself to read using the computer aged 18 months,” he told Mid-Day. He hopes she’ll now be able to skip a grade in school and be more challenged. 

Plus: The Dangers of Standardized Testing 

Do you think kids should be tested for intelligence at such a young age?  Have you or would you ever test your child’s IQ?