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Adele Song Wakes Girl From Near-Fatal Coma

A seven-year-old girl was not thought to survive a traumatic brain hemorrhage caused by a condition she’s had since birth. Doctors said that it was extremely rare for a child so young to suffer in the way that she did, but what was even more astonishing was what sparked the girl’s unexpected recovery.

This past April, Charlotte Neve suddenly suffered the hemorrhage while asleep after a night of watching DVDs with her mom and sister, reports The Telegraph.  After being rushed to the hospital, Charlotte underwent two operations followed by days of multiple seizures, which eventually put her in an unresponsive coma. After about a week, doctors informed her mother she should call loved ones to say their final goodbyes. 

The single mother snuggled up with her daughter in the hospital bed for their last cuddle when the pair’s favorite songs came on the radio, Adele’s Rolling in the Deep.  Ms. Neve began to sing along as they used to sing together. That’s when something miraculous happened — little Charlotte began to smile.

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The nurses urged Neve to continue singing. "Charlotte started smiling and I couldn't believe it. It was the first time she had reacted to anything since the hemorrhage. The nurses were astounded and told me to keep singing, and she smiled again. The nurses said it was like I 'unlocked her' and from that day she started getting better and better." Neve told The Telegraph

Charlotte started speaking, could focus on colors and managed to get up from her bed just two days later. Now, two months later, she is learning to walk and talk, has regained partial sight, and has even starting attending school and dance classes again.

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“Charlotte has been brilliant. She is so determined and brave. The doctors have stopped telling us what she should be able to do—because she has amazed them so much,” shared her mother.

Charlotte has been left with partial blindness and memory loss, but we hope this tenacious little girl can continue to stun us all.