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Baby Placed in Laundromat Washer While in Sitter’s Care

Many parents take extra precautions when it comes to monitoring their child’s care while they are away at work.  Web cams, extensive interview processes, daily check-in calls are all ways we try to keep tabs on our sitters and child caregivers. Even so, it’s practically impossible to know every detail of the day they spend alone with your kid.   One New Jersey mom had to find out her baby was put in danger while in the care of a sitter in an unexpected way.

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When Sakia David watched a story on the nightly news of a baby boy placed in a washing machine at a laundromat in Camden she knew it was her one-year-old son, Saimeir Bush.  The mother confronted the sitter who denied the accusation, “She said it wasn’t her,” relayed David to the Today Show

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It wasn’t until the next morning when police showed up at her door that David knew for a fact that it was her child who had been placed in a washing machine by a stranger, while her babysitter (her son’s father’s girlfriend) stood by and watched. Upon realizing the machine had locked and started, the surveillance tape showed both individuals were frantic and unsuccessful in attempts to free the child. Thankfully an employee acted fast, disconnecting the power and allowing the machine to open. Police believe this event to be an accident, an unfortunate consequence to a game of peek-a-boo, but David thinks otherwise. 

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The mother has full intentions of pressing charges despite some sources reporting she has no intent of seeking retribution. While the sitter initially took the boy to the hospital directly after the event and no permanent damage was assessed, David wants more testing to be done to be sure her son only incurred a few scrapes and bruises. She believes the sitter should be punished, saying that both the woman and the man in the video deserve to go to jail.    

Do you think that sort of punishment is fitting?  What precautions have you taken in order to ensure your child’s safety while they are in the hands of a caregiver? 


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