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Cappuccinos for Kids: Yay or Nay?


While you wait in line at your favorite morning coffee spot, you’ll likely overhear orders from some fellow caffeine cravers: grande mochas, soy lattes, dirty chais, babyccinos.  Wait, babyccinos?

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That’s right, the new hot beverage is all the rage with coffee shops’ littlest customers and their parents in need of a jolt and a five-minute break.  The kiddie cappuccino is typically served as a small cup of steamed milk and foam, and lately some parents are adding decaf shots of espresso.  The little ones might love it, but the taste isn’t sitting well in everyone’s mouth.

“There is no reason on earth to have these drinks and introduce caffeine to a younger population,” said Dr. Nancy Snyderman, CNN.  The TODAY chief medical editor explained that even decaf drinks contain small amounts of caffeine, and while it doesn’t cause any immediate harm to children’s health, it may be pushing them into adulthood too soon. 

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What do you think?  Are Babyccinos as harmless as playing dress up in mommy’s heels, or is it going to far?