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Feel Good Friday: Dog Rescues Abandoned Newborn


A search party in Ghana recently found a deserted two-week-old baby. Ironically, the group had been enlisted to find a missing farm dog, not a baby. The dog had gone missing earlier in the day and his owner had become concerned that he had not returned home by nightfall. 

Once the group finally located the dog, they found him snuggling with a newborn infant under a bridge near the farm where he lives, reports Yahoo! Shine.  The baby’s umbilical cord had not been cut, leading to infection, but thankfully he was otherwise unharmed.

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Authorities speculate that the baby could have been a child of teen parents, perhaps the reason why they abandoned him.  While this child has had a challenging start to life we are thankful that a four-legged friend was able to protect him.   

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Are your pets protective of your children? Have they ever gone to extreme lengths to keep your kids safe?