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Intruder Tries to Breastfeed Another Woman’s Baby

Yanik Chauvin for Veer

Talk about a parent’s worst nightmare: a South Dakota mom was awakened by her dogs barking early Sunday morning, in response to an intruder in her home. Perhaps even more alarming than the presence of the stranger was just what this trespasser was doing.

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The alleged intruder, 24-year-old Rebecca Silva, was not stashing prized valuables into a duffle bag, nor was she dressed in an all black ski mask when the surprised mother spotted her.  The pajama-clad culprit had snuck into the Brookings, SD home in an attempt to breastfeed, yes breastfeed, the mother’s two-month-old daughter reports the UK’s Daily Mail

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Thankfully, the child’s mother succeeded in safely getting her daughter away from Silva until the police arrived. The mother claims to have never met Silva, and the incident seems to have been a result of alcohol intoxication on Silva’s part, who was arrested and charged with unlawful occupancy, a misdemeanor offense. 

Is this the craziest home invasion story you’ve ever heard? Would you ever allow another woman (albeit not a trespassing stranger) to breastfeed your baby?