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Mom Finds Artistic Inspiration From Her Sleeping Baby


Once baby Nuno falls asleep, her mother, Mami Koide, creates dreamland masterpieces around her daughter with the floor as her canvas.  Koide, a cartoonist by trade, uses everyday items like clothes, socks and vegetables as materials to fashion horses, cats, and flowers as background scenery. (Reminds us of Mila’s Daydreams!)

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Koide originally began taking these photos to send to her husband who works late hours as a bartender.  Three months ago, she decided to put her collection of 200 staged photos into a limited edition book, which rose to best-seller status in just one week on Amazon Japan. 

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While, her innovative dreamscapes have become a sensation, Koide worries how her daughter will feel about her work, “I'm still not confident whether she'll be happy and satisfied with what I'm doing without her permission while she is sleeping."