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Parents’ Drinking Habits Influence Kids’ Consumption

Raphaël Büchler

Can’t wait until you get to crack open that bottle of red tonight at the dinner table?  New findings might have you reaching for juice instead.  Researchers in the U.K. with Drinkaware, an alcohol awareness organization, found that underage drinking is more likely to occur if parents drink excessively. 

The survey determined 19 percent of kids 10 to 17 with parents who drink heavily on a regular basis had been drunk before, compared with only 11 percent of kids whose parents drank less or didn't touch alcohol at all reports The Telegraph

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"Most parents want their children to grow up with a healthy relationship with alcohol and try to set a good example," said Siobhan McCann, head of campaigns at Drinkaware. "The problem is that some parents drink above the guidelines without realizing and this in turn influences their children's attitudes and behavior.”

Parents who drink above government guidelines seemingly have a more relaxed attitude toward underage drinking, "When it comes to alcohol, parents have the biggest influence on their children and lots of children would turn to their parents first for advice,” explained McCann.   

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While the results may be upsetting to parents who enjoy more than a few brewskis, the survey found some positive news. More than three-quarters of kids think that seeing young people their age getting drunk is not "cool” and 93 percent think it is not okay for someone their age to get drunk once a week.

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