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Pole Dancing Classes for Kids: Yay or Nay?


Fitness fads come and go, but the fact that this particular one even began leaves us scratching our heads. 

The Twisted Grip Dance and Fitness Studio in Duncan, B.C., has become the newest addition to the group of schools that now offer pole dancing classes created specifically for children.  Not only are parents signing their kids up, the classes were their idea in the first place.

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Kristy Craig, the owner of the studio, told the National Post, that her existing adult students came to her with the request, saying their kids played on the pole at home, but didn’t know safe techniques to avoid injury.

The “Little Spinners” sessions run for an hour every Saturday at 70 bucks a pop.  So far, three girls and a boy have enrolled; the youngest student is five years old. 

Craig, who never practiced professionally as an adult entertainer, began taking pole aerobics classes herself four year ago. For the kids’ program, she says she keeps the focus strictly on fitness. “I treat it just like gymnastic classes; I don’t teach any of the adult moves.” 

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The Little Spinners class is not the first of its kind; in 2010 Vancouver’s Tantra Fitness also started a similar program that young girls could join with parental permission.

Tammy Morris, owner of Tantra Fitness and president of the Canadian Pole Fitness Association told the National Post, “The kids just love it.  They have no association with it or think there is anything wrong or bad about it. That’s an adult putting that on them.”

Do you think pole dancing can be a pure form of exercise for kids, or will it always have its racy reputation?  Leave a comment .